Choosing the perfect realtor is sort of like dating: You need to pick somebody who is going to be a perfect match for you and your personality. 


First and foremost, you want to find someone that you enjoy being with because you are going to be spending a lot of time with that agent both in person and on the phone. You want someone who has good communication skills and is easy to get along with, get in touch with and is responsive to all of your questions.  You’re going to be with that realtor for the long haul. Remember,  it takes 30 to 45 days from the time you have an accepted offer to closing. So you want to be certain that you like the person and there is not going to be a communication struggle. Also it’s important that the agent you choose has a good understanding of the market you are looking to do business in.


When you’re looking for the right agent for you, here are 4 must-haves:



Market Expertise:  If  you’re looking in the Novi/Northville area, you don’t want to pick somebody who’s primarily an agent in the U.P. or in Traverse City or visa versa! When you pick a local expert you are getting so much more than just a great house! You are getting insight into the neighborhood and their home values, schools, local shopping and much more!



Experience: You also want somebody who has relevant real estate experience; someone who has been in the real estate world for awhile. Not that new agents are bad because they’re not ( all agents were new, once upon a time) but in this competitive market you may want to look for someone who has a little more experience under their belt.  A high percentage of listings end up in multiple offer situations so it is important to know that you’ve got that best agent going to bat for you and that they’re able to help you navigate through this  wild journey called home buying!



Good Communication Skills: You want to be able pick up the phone, call your agent and get a response. I understand we all work certain specific hours, but this is crucial. When you are submitting offers, there are time deadlines and dates that need to be hit, and it’s critical that your agent be responsive. You want to make sure that they get back to you when you call and email. I know, this is very basic but very important! When you interview your agent, make sure that you get that vibe from them. 



Positive Reviews: Last but not least, take reviews and testimonials into consideration. You can find these on Facebook business pages,, Zillow and your realtors website.


Check out what other people have said about them. What was their experience? This information coupled with the vibe that you get from that agent during  your interview with them will be a huge help in making the right choice. A simple conversation will send you in the right direction and will get you to the right realtor.  Because like I said, it’s going to be a long journey and you want to have a strong relationship with that agent. 


Are you ready to find the realtor for you? Let’s talk!

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