Let’s talk about HOA’S – otherwise known as Homeowners Associations. 

HOA’s typically are associated with condos, but there are some neighborhoods that also have associations. 

If you are a buyer and you’re thinking of purchasing either a condo or in a neighborhood that has an association, it’s important to get the bylaws from either your realtor or from the association, as soon as you have your purchase agreement signed. 

Here’s why: there may be stipulations that you, as the buyer, need to know about. There could be things such as fence restrictions, landscaping rules or guidelines on pets. Understanding what the parameters of the HOA are will help you determine what you are and ARE NOT allowed to do with your property. 

Make sure to ask your realtor to get the documents from the listing agent or from the association, so that you know that you are acting appropriately within that HOA so you don’t open yourself up for fines.

Also, if you feel that if a HOA is going to be too restrictive for you, then I would veer away from a neighborhood that has one. 

Think of how frustrated you’ll be if you have your heart set on a she-shed in your backyard ony to find out that it’s not allowed. You may be the type of person who doesn’t want to be held back by the guidelines of a HOA, so I’d steer clear of living in this type of neighborhood. 

Condo living tends to be the most restrictive. Since this is often the case, you may want to consider a small single family home instead. Make sure you weigh the differences between moving to a condo or moving into a smaller family home. 

Give yourself peace of mind by doing your due diligence by THOROUGHLY going through the HOA documents. Know what’s allowed and what’s not. 

As always, if you have any questions, reach out and let’s schedule a time to talk.